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AWS to Partner With UBC for Cloud Innovation Center

The University of British Columbia is partnering with Amazon Web Services to build a cloud innovation center (CIC).

UBC announced, “The CIC is the first of its kind in Canada, and provides UBC students, staff, and faculty access to cloud technology to advance projects” and claims “the Centre supports student teams tackling real-world issues and challenges, where application of novel and emerging technology or computing approaches are essential. The CIC will change the way UBC teams use cloud technology, drive innovation, and improve agility and cost.”

Our Take

Readers of Info-Tech's research will realize that cost savings are not a guaranteed result of public cloud adoption, and the achievement of increased agility with cloud requires significant organizational change, not just a successful migration. We hope the project team at UBC grasps these insights.

AWS’s partnership with UBC aligns with other efforts by AWS to expand its Canadian presence, including the achievement of Protected B status for the Government of Canada and the launch of a third availability zone in the Canada Central region. It also aligns with AWS’s partnership with Humber College to offer a cloud graduate certificate.

Info-Tech expects that AWS will continue to expand its Canadian footprint and would not be surprised to see other Canadian universities announce AWS-partnered cloud innovation centers in the coming years.

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