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Autodesk Wants to Help Make the Roadmap to the Future of British Manufacturing

Autodesk, Inc. continues to expand its offerings beyond CAD tools. Working with British manufacturers, the vendor created a digital transformation roadmap to help identify and implement technologies to achieve five key capabilities:

  • Collaboration
  • Mass production
  • Smart services
  • Flexible manufacturing
  • Customer experience

This initiative is all about collaboration between industry leaders that will help your business identify areas of improvement and the corresponding technologies that can help. There are five basic steps:

  1. You get a digital strategy template that will help you identify areas of your business that could benefit from the implementation of new technology.
  2. An assessment or questionnaire provides you with a personalized report about the status of your business in relation to those future technologies.
  3. The option to set up a manufacturing discovery meeting with experts to discuss the specifics of those findings.
  4. Once potential technologies are identified, you will have the opportunity to demo it onsite.
  5. You will connect with other manufacturers in your situation and/or experts in the field that can help you achieve your transformation goals.

Source: SoftwareReviews, Accessed August 23, 2019

Our Take

Autodesk is following a path already trodden by other software vendors, and for good reason. Software as a differentiator alone is no longer enough. The path to innovation requires tools, processes and a different way of thinking. This is another example of Autodesk’s partnerships with industry leaders to continue supporting digital innovation.

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