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Aspect Software Briefs on the Rationale for Its Noble Systems Merger

On June 18, 2021, Aspect Software briefed Info-Tech on the rationale behind its merger with Noble Systems to found Alvaria. Aspect and Noble announced the merger on May 10, 2021, positioning Alvaria as a market leader in contact management and workforce engagement management (WEM), with half a billion dollars in combined revenue.

Aspect and Noble share complementary customer bases, with opportunities for cross-selling and incremental revenue. Noble’s mid-market contact center customer base (500+ seat) supplements Aspect’s enterprise (1000+ seat) customer base, enabling Aspect to sell WEM solutions to a broader audience. Moreover, Noble offers best-in-class gamification solutions and has a strong cloud revenue base, which Aspect customers can now leverage. Both Aspect and Noble have neutral deployments, easing their platform integrations.

Aspect and Noble expect their platforms to fully merge over the rest of 2021, with a busy roadmap for Q3 and Q4. Here’s what we can expect:

  • All cloud platforms will move to the new Alvaria Cloud.
  • Aspect CCI will merge into Noble CC to create the Alvaria Contact Management Suite.
  • Noble WEM and IQ will merge into Aspect WFO to create the Alvaria WEM Suite.
  • Noble IQ will integrate into the new Alvaria Cloud BoB app.
  • Noble Gamification will integrate into the Alvaria Cloud BoB app.

Our Take

Alvaria is set to become a dominant market leader in the contact center and WEM space. Both Aspect and Noble had strong value propositions, and their merger solidifies the best that both companies had to offer. We expect the merger to be smooth, with both Aspect and Noble having similar product deployments and complementary customer bases.

It will be Aspect and Noble customers that get to experience the new Alvaria suites first, with the merger’s impact on customer satisfaction, product innovation, and platform integration success to become clearer in the first half of 2022. For the moment, organizations can still purchase standalone Aspect or Noble services (such as Noble Gamification). While we might expect some early adopter issues as Alvaria irons out its kinks and rebrands its solutions, the long-term result will be a competitive and appealing platform for organizations of all sizes.

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