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ALM Works Brings “Structure” to Project Complexity

At first glance, one may feel overwhelmed by the depth offered by Structure for Jira, however, its value is quickly realized when multiple teams are required to deliver across multiple projects with conflicting priorities.

With Structure for Jira, people can arrange Jira issues in any manner of their choosing in an unlimited number of ways simultaneously.

Structure for Jira can be used for a variety of different use cases, such as grooming product backlogs, tracking progress across multiple teams, or planning sprints and releases.

With ALM Works being an official tooling partner for SAFe, Structure for Jira provides a foundation for your agile implementation at scale.

This is accomplished through three key features:

  • Automation. Structures can be built dynamically based on incoming Jira Data and is updated in real-time. This leverages what ALM Works calls “Generators.”
  • Columns. Structure for Jira enables detailed information about your projects through multiple types of columns. In columns, you can report on progress, totals, or powerful Excel-like formulas.
  • Transformations. Structure for Jira is designed to suit the needs of multiple stakeholders at the same time. Transformations allow stakeholders to see a customized view relevant to them without impacting others.

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Our Take

ALM Works has provided several key foundational pieces to ensure reporting and visibility keeps pace with the increasing complexity and size of projects and teams.

There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to scaling projects and processes. What makes perfect sense for one organization may not be for others. ALM Works takes this to heart through flexible configurations without imposing many limits.

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