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Adobe Charges Ahead on Driving Compelling Personalization Using AI

Adobe Experience Cloud is a mainstay solution in the marketing orchestration and customer experience space. Adobe recently announced improvements to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that take advantage of the machine learning capabilities in Sensei’s AI engine.

These new capabilities are aimed at improving the dynamic personalization capabilities present within AEM. Dynamic personalization involves the use of known attributes about a customer or prospect (such as age, location, or past consumption patterns) to drive personalized content and services in real time. Adobe’s research has shown that consumers are 51% more likely to make a purchase and 49% more likely to exhibit brand loyalty when content and collateral are delivered in a personalized capacity.

Adobe Sensei is now being used to drive personalization at scale within AEM. Highlights of the new capabilities include using smart tags to automate video asset searches for more personalized content and using smart cropping to automatically crop videos for social channels based on defined parameters.

Enterprises looking to improve their personalization and content management capabilities will find these capabilities a welcome addition. However, they are unlikely to create a sufficiently augmented value profile to make Adobe a financially viable option for smaller organizations that don’t have room in the budget to make the case for a Cadillac solution.

Our Take

  • Customers are significantly more likely to purchase a product and demonstrate brand loyalty when experiences are tailored to their needs.
  • Adobe’s recently announced improvements to Adobe Experience Manager are built around using machine learning to create more personalized experiences.
  • While Adobe is a high-end – and therefore expensive – vendor, these improvements should be capitalized on by large enterprises looking to improve the efficacy of content delivery using dynamic personalization.

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