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TechSee Unveils World’s First AI-Powered Visual Recognition

What happened?

TechSee has released the world’s first AI-powered visual recognition for contact centers, which identifies and detects problems with a product model via images submitted by the customer. The AI service sends an SMS link to the customer’s smartphone to submit the images while they are talking or waiting for a live agent.

According to Vice President of Product Marketing Liad Churchill, TechSee’s issue resolution is 95% accurate.

Our Take

AI-driven functionalities are becoming increasingly effective in contact centers, offering real-time solutions and improving customer satisfaction.

Info-Tech’s position is that use of AI-assisted applications reinforces a shift-left service strategy, which improves quality of service delivery.

Source: Info-Tech Research Group, Prepare for Cognitive Service Management, 2018.

However, TechSee’s latest visual recognition technology has certain limitations. First, the customer needs more than one smartphone to submit the photos – it is hard for a broken smartphone to take selfies of itself!

Second, this technology is limited to visual recognition. TechSee did not release data on the percentage of calls received that apply to this area. Clients should reflect on their own call types to assess whether implementing similar technology will add significant value to the quality of service delivery.

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