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Popular Graph Database Neo4j Launches Cloud Service to Ease Development

The graph database market is booming worldwide with a predicted healthy growth rate of 25% or more.

Source: Database category ranking, 2020

Neo4j's newly introduced cloud service, Aura, allows users to take advantage of a graph database to connect people, processes, locations, and systems without the worry of day-to-day management of underlying services. Neo4j Aura provides the following key features:

  • Zero administration
  • Simple pricing
  • “Always-On” availability
  • On-demand scaling
  • ACID transaction support
  • Highly secure
  • Easy data loading

Our Take

Graph databases offer some unique advantages in terms of capture and maintenance of changing relationships between data. Graph database and relationship management concepts have become popular with Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks. The graph database uses storage systems that are significantly different from relational and other database categories. The key challenge with Neo4j cloud adoption is the ability to analyze underlying data and integration with the rest of the technology platforms. An organization should avoid falling into the hype and must carefully evaluate integration and analytical use cases before deciding on a graph database.

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