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Google Updates Improve Speech Recognition for Contact Center AI

Google has launched several updates for its Contact Center AI product, with its most notable feature “Auto Speech Adaptation” significantly improving speech recognition for voice bots and transcription accuracy.

Auto Speech Adaptation is used in Dialogflow, Google’s tool for building conversational experiences. This new feature automatically adds appropriate context to a conversation, drawing data from training phrases and other agent-specific information.

Google claims that this feature will improve speech recognition accuracy by about 40%.

Source: Luis Alvarez, Getty Images

Our Take

Google’s AI products are fast becoming popular. At the Google Cloud Next conference in April 2019, it was announced that there were more than 850,000 developers using Dialogflow – up from 150,000 two years prior.

However, contact centers should be patient before rushing to get the latest AI product. The marketplace is only just filling up with a variety of legitimate options. Taking time to evaluate their organization’s particular needs will ensure that clients can find a suitable product. It may be that this product is not the “best” on the marketplace, but it will be the best fit for the organization.

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