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BMC Converges ITSM and ITOM Into a Unified Platform, Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The IT solutions provider, BMC, announced its intelligence-enriched ITSM and ITOM platform with BMC Helix, which supports efficient and proactive IT service discovery, monitoring, optimization, remediation, and delivery of an omni-channel experience for IT professionals and businesses.

The new solution discovers assets, monitors performance issues, uncovers blind spots, and remediates vulnerabilities. Moreover, it enables proactive customer service and helps optimize capacity and cost across multiple organizations, all through AI and robotic automation. It gives clients an overall view of their IT landscape with an intelligent omni-channel user experience across Skype, Slack, Chatbot, and more. It also supplies services beyond IT throughout the whole enterprise, including HR, facilities, and procurement. The products within the BMC Helix platform are Helix ITSM, Helix Discovery, Helix Digital Workplace, Helix Chatbot, Helix Cloud Cost, Helix Cloud Security, Helix Capacity Optimization, and Helix Platform.

BMC Helix is the next generation of BMC Remedy. Source: BMC Remedy 9 at SoftwareReviews. Report published July 2019.

Our Take

IT professionals should streamline processes, enhance service desk efficiency, and improve security to build a foundation for better innovation. BMC has come up with an innovative technology that brings service management and operations management together in a unified platform to serve IT departments and the whole business better. Such improvements in ITSM tools can be helpful for scaling and growing end users’ business and attracting more IT organizations to leverage such services. Based on the SoftwareReviews ITSM Data Quadrant, BMC is not ranked as one of the top ten ITSM tools; however, such service improvements can potentially boost its emotional footprint.

IT Service Management Data Quadrant. Source: SoftwareReviews, July 2019.

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