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OutMatch Assess - and our broader talent decision platform – helps companies scale recruitment, understand their talent, and personalize the candidate and employee experiences. OutMatch Assess provides ready-made assessments for nearly every job from hourly to executive, personalized interview and onboarding guides, and the data needed to auto-advance qualified candidates to the next step in your recruitment workflow. Use OutMatch Assess to measure job match, culture match, and cognitive abilities for better decisions and an improved candidate experience.


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OutMatch Assess Product Report

The scores above are a summary of a comprehensive report available for this product, aggregating feedbacking from real IT professionals and business leaders.

OutMatch Assess has a product scorecard to explore each product feature, capability, and so much more.

  • Net Promoter Score and Planned Renewal Rates
  • Feature and Vendor Capability Breakdown
  • Version and Module Satisfaction Levels
  • Comparisons by Organization Size, Usage, and Role

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