Data Center Fabric (DCF) Software

Data Center Fabric


Data Center Fabrics are an innovative network architecture design to meet the increased communications flows arising from cloud computing, big data and microservices distributed across servers within the data center, between facilities, or edge locations. Data fabrics flatten the network into a spine and leaf topology that minimizes latency and scales to tens of thousands of network ports. Vendors have responded to data center fabric complexity by providing toolset to asset in network design (Day 0 activities), automated network deployment (Day 1), and ongoing operational management (Day 2).

Common Features

  • 100G/400G Ready Leaf/Spine Switches
  • Programmable Network Operating System (NOS)
  • Advanced Routing and Overlay Capabilities
  • Event-Driven Network Overlay Automation
  • Event-Driven Network Underlay Automation
  • Multi-Dimensional Network Telemetry
  • High Availability Components
  • VXLAN Support
  • NetOps Developer Toolkit
  • Automation Framework for Day 0: Design Tasks
  • Automation Framework for Day 1: Deployment Tasks
  • Automation Framework for Day 2: Operations
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CD/CI)
  • Zero Trust Networking (ZTN) Security Framework
  • Self Healing Network
  • Multi Fabric Network Integration
  • 800GE Spine nodes
  • Digital Twin Network Fabric

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