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July 24, 2019 Weighing the Price of a Data Breach: FTC Fines Facebook and Equifax in the Same Week

The US Federal Trade Commission announced both a $5-billion settlement with Facebook and a $575-million penalty against Equifax in the same week. Both were for data breaches – the Equifax case affected 147 million people, and the Facebook incident 87 million. So why is Facebook being hit with the heavier penalty?

April 01, 2019 Winning Buzzword Bingo With AWS Deep Learning Containers

Amazon’s AWS Santa Clara Summit ‘19 has been chockful of exciting product announcements, including AWS Deep Learning Containers, a service that provides Docker images that will simplify deployment of TensorFlow or ApacheMXNet workloads for training deep learning algorithms (at least according to Amazon).

December 21, 2018 Train to Gain: Training the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals

Academia often struggles to keep up with the evolving cybersecurity landscape, and employers often note that the technical and soft skills learned in education programs lack real-world application. It involves both education and corporate training to build a strong cybersecurity workforce.

April 09, 2018 NetApp Is the Storage Comeback Kid. Should You Care?

NetApp is the storage comeback kid. In just over two years NetApp has gone from drowning under to riding the waves of change that are disrupting the storage industry. If you have previously written off NetApp it may be time for another look.