Orchestration / Provisioning Software

January 28, 2020 Microsoft Self-Service Purchasing in Office 365

Microsoft has announced self-service purchasing, the ability for any O365 user to buy Power Platform products directly through their corporate O365 tenant. This raises numerous concerns with IT leaders and O365 administrators.

January 08, 2020 Will Ansible Push Chef and Puppet Out of the Configuration Management Market?

Ansible from RedHat has steadily gained market share since its introduction and has now surpassed its two main rivals (underscoring how quickly things change in DevOps). Will Ansible push Chef and Puppet out of the open-source configuration management tool market?

October 24, 2019 Ayehu Gives Helping Hand in Building Automation Workflows

Ayehu gives users a helping hand in building workflows. The firm’s strategy aligns with a trend in the automation market, in which vendors are competing over usability and ease of implementation.

September 17, 2019 AWS CDK Breaks New Ground in Infrastructure as Code

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) breaks new ground in infrastructure as code. Info-Tech expects infra-as-code tooling to continue to grow more sophisticated.

August 22, 2019 Puppet Rolls Out Remediate

Puppet has rolled out Remediate. This release aligns with the ongoing consolidation between IT Operations and IT Security.

August 19, 2019 Ayehu Bridges Gap Between IT Ops and Sec Ops

Ayehu is working to bridge the gap between IT Operations and Security Operations. We expect to see more vendor product offerings follow suit.

July 22, 2019 Puppet Bets on Continuing Complexity

Enterprise IT environments are complex – and Puppet thinks that’s not going to change anytime soon.

February 22, 2019 Puppet’s New CEO Tackles Turning Point

Puppet’s new CEO, Yvonne Wassenaar, will tackle a key turning point as the company continues to transition from start-up to full-fledged enterprise in a changing technology environment.

February 15, 2019 Veeam 2018 Earnings Show Strength of Cloud Backup Trend

Backup of cloud data (as opposed to backup of data to the cloud) is a major trend as more corporate workloads and data move there. Veeam’s 2018 earnings reflect this trend.