Multapplied Networks

Multapplied SD-WAN Solutions

Control and monitor every node, in every network, for every client, from a branded, multi-tenant, single pane-of-glass, so you can make global changes from virtually anywhere all managed in one place.


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Software Defined WAN

Category Features
  • Multiple Connection Type Support
  • |
  • Dynamic Routing
  • |
  • Load Sharing
  • |
  • Resilience​
  • |
  • Quality of Service (QoS)​
  • |
  • Flexible Deployment​
  • |
  • Simple Administration
  • |
  • SD-WAN Security
  • |
  • Application Optimization​
  • |
  • Adaptive Traffic​
  • |
  • Ease of Troubleshooting​

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