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Intermedia to Provide Microsoft Services to 70,000+ Navisite Business Users

As of July 1, 2020, over 70,000 small business users receiving their Microsoft 365 services from cloud service provider Navisite will now receive them from Intermedia, a Microsoft partner and market contender in the cloud communications space. The news follows Navisite and Intermedia’s announcement to form a strategic partnership.

These Navisite users will now have access to a range of Intermedia’s offerings, including:

  • Unite (unified communications as a service solution)
  • Contact Center (contact center as a service solution)
  • AnyMeeting (audio and video conferencing solution)
  • SecuriSync (file sharing and backup solution)

Users especially after UCaaS or CCaaS integrations to their Microsoft 365 services will welcome Intermedia’s complementary cloud products. For while Microsoft Teams continues to make headway in the enterprise space as a cloud-based communications solution, its telephony solutions are still immature and often require third-party overlays.

Source: SoftwareReviews Navisite Scorecard. Accessed July 20, 2020.

Our Take

Intermedia has made enormous strides in the unified communications and collaboration marketspace this year. From the recent announcement of UNIVERGE through its NEC partnership, to now welcoming 70,000+ Navisite business users to its services, Intermedia’s market positioning has garnered some serious clout. Backed by an enviable reputation for end-user support and customer service, it will not be long before organizations looking for a less expensive but comprehensive UCaaS solution start flocking to Intermedia.

However, organizations that do not yet subscribe to a Microsoft offering should reflect on whether Intermedia is right for them. Intermedia relies heavily on Microsoft for ancillary services and integrates closely with Office 365 applications. While these are additional benefits to users within a Microsoft shop, they will be unappreciated by those who are not.

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