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VoltDB Secures $10 Million in Series C Funding to Meet Demand for 5G Data Requirements

VoltDB is at the forefront of in-memory database solutions that support 5G. Securing $10 million funding will ensure VoltDB stays at the leading edge in this tech space. VoltDB is an ACID compliant in-memory database with the ability to realize high throughput data from scalable sources such as Kafka, HDFS, and Elastic Search.

Source: VoltDB.com

Our Take

As microservices and real-time technology become the norm, in-memory databases such as VoltDB will be an integral component to the data architecture. As VoltDB is one of the first to fully support 5G and stream processing, it may grab a foothold in this niche market which will quickly expand to a business-as-usual architecture pattern.

VoltDB is another vendor to offer cloud native technology adding to the appeal of migrating real time architecture to the cloud.

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