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Genetec Occupancy Management Package Monitors Physical Distancing & Occupancy

According to Genetec, the recently announced Occupancy Management Package solution includes analytics and reporting tools to enable organizations to use their security and surveillance system to count the number of people within a space, visualize the data, and alert staff when occupancy limits are being (or have been) reached.

Genetec does this by using either surveillance cameras or the Quanergy LiDar People Counting sensor to track occupancy. The data is then able to be visualized through the Security Desk dashboard for occupancy and audit reports. Lastly, alerts can be delivered to staff via mobile devices, email alerts, or as events with the Security Desk portal application. Through these three components, organizations can define policies that adhere to local guidelines for occupancy and enable their operations to limit the risk of transmission to keep staff and patrons safe.

Figure 1 Image Source: Genetec Occupancy Management Package Solutions Bundle Data Sheet

Our Take

Tourism, retail, restaurant, and other public venues will need to do more than just count the number of people entering their premises – they will need to know how many people are inside of their space at any given moment, continuously monitor this data, and be able to take action when thresholds are approached and reached to comply with occupancy limits and policies. Genetec’s Occupancy Management Package enables businesses to do just that by tapping into their existing security and surveillance system.

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