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LogPoint Continues to Expand Into Global Markets

Since 2018, LogPoint, the next generation SIEM, UEBA, and big data analytics company, continues to expand into the global market outside of its European base. In May 2018, LogPoint chose Boston as the hub for its North American operations, and over the course of the year saw 70% ARR sales growth and the addition of 200 new customers to its services.

LogPoint’s SIEM solution offers increased visibility with real-time data analysis of its customers’ networks using UEBA and Advanced Machine Learning. One of the distinguishing characteristics of LogPoint is the development of its common taxonomy for identifying threats, plus a predictable pricing strategy based on the number of devices sending logs and not on the volume of data or events per second on an organization’s network. As such, LogPoint seeks to be an innovative competitor in an ever-increasing SIEM market by continuing to expand its customer base in European, American, and Asian Markets in 2019 and beyond.

Our Take

LogPoint, like many other vendors, sees new opportunities for growth in the SIEM market, and this comes at a time when global spending on security products and services has increased exponentially over the past couple of years.As it is based out of Europe, LogPoint already provides GDPR compliance monitoring, and this could be an advantage for companies that are seeking to do more business with the EU. While it offers similar solutions to other vendors on the market, its expansion into its Boston office demonstrates a significant investment in the American market and thus provides organizations with the opportunity to have support in both North America and Europe.

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