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Azure Sentinel: What is it, What are the Four Key Security Fundamentals, and Why You Should Know About It

Microsoft’s cloud Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) solution leverages modern day enhancements such as Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The result? Analytics that displace the traditional SIEM complexity and cost to obtain a “bird’s-eye” view of the complete IT environment.

Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel has been built on top of the following four principal security fundamentals:

  1. Collect - Easily gathers data at cloud scale across users, devices, applications and infrastructure both on-premises, and across multiple clouds.
  2. Detect - Sentinel recognises previously discovered threats and minimises false positives by leveraging analytics and threat intelligence drawn directly from Microsoft.
  3. Investigate - Artificial intelligence helps to identify threats and hunt suspicious activities at scale.
  4. Respond – Built-in automation processes and response capabilities enable a calm and quick incident response.

Source: What is Azure Sentinel?, The ‘All-Seeing’ Azure Sentinel Provides Omnipresent Level Security

Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel engages ML, AI, and SOAR for analytics, to enable enterprises to achieve a “bird’s-eye” view with the least degree of complexity and accepted enterprise cost method.

Source: Take a Spin with Azure Sentinel -- a SIEM in the Cloud

The three primary benefits enterprises are recognizing include the following:

  • Built-In AI/ML – This enhancement reduces the data noise, mitigates skills gap (to some degree), and reduces burden of time and resources on enterprises.

Source: Take a Spin with Azure Sentinel -- a SIEM in the Cloud

  • Cloud-native capabilities are provided where additional infrastructure burden may potentially be reduced or avoided in terms of procuring, upgrading, and patching.

Source: Take a Spin with Azure Sentinel -- a SIEM in the Cloud

  • Seamless Integration – Full integration with Microsoft tools and systems, improving on both effectiveness and efficiency with respect to the enterprise’s operations team.The solution helps to optimize time and manage siloed systems or components as orchestration and automation of incident responses from a single platform.

Source: The definitive guide to Azure Sentinel: Everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft’s cloud SIEM

Our Take

Azure Sentinel brings together the latest in security innovation with respect to advanced AI and ML models, SOAR functionality, seamless integration with Microsoft products and services and a range of native third party connectors in an “all-in-one” solution of a near real-time view of active threats. It is only a matter of time before enterprises will take note and consider the implementation of Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel Next Generation SIEM platform-as-a-service.

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