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National Cyber Security Alliance Names Habitu8 As Their Official Security Awareness Video Training Partner

For 2019’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) has named the security awareness and training vendor Habitu8 its official partner.

Habitu8 offers high-quality animated and live-action videos that deliver information on areas of cybersecurity. The motivation behind creating these videos, according to the two cofounders of the organization, was to make security awareness and training a fun and enjoyable experience. The intent of the partnership between NCSA and Habitu8 is to spread the best practices captured in these training videos to the consumers’ families, friends, and colleague networks.

Courtesy: Habitu8

Our Take

This partnership with the NCSA highlights one of the vendors in the security awareness and training space that is doing a good job of creating content easily consumed by the average end user. These recommendations are important for two reasons:

  • They help some of the smaller vendors in this bloated market space stand out.
  • They allow these vendors to show off the training materials they have created. In most cases we’ve seen, this training is unique and brings a new perspective to the philosophy of training end users in security.

If you have been looking for a security awareness and training vendor, you have undoubtedly noticed that most vendors offer the same type of content supported by varying philosophies. Some feel training should be serious and impactful, while others think training is best received when it is funny and light.

The Info-Tech recommendation for wading through these vendors and selecting one is to start by taking a step back and looking inward at your organization’s existing training culture. Talk to HR – find out what training efforts in the past have been the most effective.

  • Will the organization respond positively to funny videos and a gamified training approach?
  • Will people be more willing to complete short, engaging PowerPoint presentations through an LMS?
  • Will posters and emails be consumed by end users?

Once you have a better feel for the culture and the type of training that will align well with your end users, begin to investigate what vendors offer. You may find that some of the bigger vendors simply do not provide the continuity in training you were looking for or to the technical depth your end users desire.

Bottom Line

Habitu8 has been named an official partner of NCSA because it offers a product that the NCSA feels will be consumed by the end users that watch the training content. The market is moving away from “compliance-driven training” (longer training that includes enough information to check all the boxes) and more towards “consumable training” (shorter training with information presented in such a way that end users consume and remember the content). Habitu8 demonstrates this latter approach by offering short, funny animated and live-action videos for security awareness and training.

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