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Retail Point of Sale

Retail Point of Sale (POS) software is used to manage the inventory, financials and general daily business operations of a retail store.

The Data Quadrant is a thorough evaluation and ranking of all software in an individual category to compare platforms across multiple dimensions.

These include:

  • User Satisfaction Rankings
  • Business Value Scores
  • Vendor Capability Comparisons
  • Product Feature Evaluations

The Emotional Footprint is a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment toward the relationship with the vendor, capturing data across five dimensions.

These include:

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Service Experience
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Product Impact
  • Negotiation and Contract

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Powered by Info-Tech Research Group

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Retail Point of Sale Products

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Data QuadrantReport

A thorough evaluation and ranking of all software to compare software across every dimension.

Emotional FootprintReport

A detailed and unique report that captures a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and product.



Square POS

Square Point of Sale is the point-of-sale system designed to grow with you. It provides you the tools you need, serves every kind of business and can run on a smartphone in the field or on a tablet at your home.


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