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iCIMS Expands Talent Recruitment Ecosystem

iCIMS, a major talent acquisition software provider, has launched pre-built integration with third-party candidate assessment tools, improving implementation efficiency and user experience.

iCIMS announced the launch of the Prime Assessments Connector, an integration tool that allows users to administer and review candidate assessments from providers such as Criteria Corp., Optimize Hire, and Traitify, without leaving the iCIMS platform.

The major benefits of this integration include:

  • Shortened implementation time.
  • Reduced need for IT support.
  • Improved user experience and productivity via a single, seamless interface.
  • Automated data transfer between systems, improving efficiency and data quality.

The Prime Assessments Connector is the second release in the Prime Connector family, following the 2018 release of Prime Background Screen, an integration framework for third-party background screening providers, and it is built on the same Prime Connector framework developed by iCIMS.

The launch is part of an ongoing effort by iCIMS to create a seamless ecosystem of talent management solution providers. Further support is planned for reference checking, video interviewing, and recruiter/agency marketplaces to be released later in 2019.

The integration offered by the Prime Assessments Connector will be of benefit to existing customers running multiple implementations that fall within the iCIMS supported ecosystems. Additionally, the integration can factor into software choice for customers considering adding to their portfolio of talent management solutions and looking to minimally increase complexity in doing so.

Our Take

  • iCIMS has launched the Prime Assessments Connector, a framework for seamless integration with third-party candidate assessment solutions.
  • This launch is built on a growing Prime Connector framework, with existing support for background screening, and planned support for reference checking, video interviewing, and recruiter/agency marketplaces.
  • This development is of biggest benefit to customers running multiple candidate management implementations, where they can expect an improvement to implementation time, support requirements, and user experience.

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