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HireRight Announces Enhanced Integration With iCIMS

HireRight, a leading background screening provider, has announced that it has further improved integration with iCIMS. This enhanced integration offers a more efficient workflow that ultimately leads to improved candidate and employer experience during the hiring process.

HireRight is building on its previous integration with iCIMS, this time using the Prime Connector interface introduced by iCIMS in 2018.

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The benefits include:

  • Shorter time-to-hire.
  • Simpler, more streamlined user experience through a single interface.
  • More direct data workflow, reducing data errors.
  • Status updates in real time for process transparency.
  • Mobile support for greater user choice.

This improved integration is all about improving user experience. Although it may seem like the improvements are geared towards the recruiter or hiring manager, most of the benefits translate directly to a better experience for the candidate as well. Time-to-hire and transparency are important drivers of candidate engagement during the hiring process, and will be particularly important for organizations who struggle with a lengthy hiring processes, for example, in the public sector.

Experience is one of the key human benefits identified in our upcoming 2020 IT Talent Trend Report, as well as our CIO Trend Report 2019. Organizations looking to improve their hiring process through automation must be mindful of the technology's effect on human experience to fully realize its potential.

Our Take

  • HireRight is improving its integration with iCIMS through the Prime Connector platform.
  • This enhanced integration offers new benefits, culminating in shorter time-to-hire and background check process transparency.
  • These improvements to user and candidate experience are an important driver of candidate engagement during hiring.

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