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Bullhorn Announces Closed-Loop Vendor Management and Applicant Tracking Integration

Bullhorn VMS Sync previously offered automatic porting of requisitions from the VMS into the ATS, and now will allow direct transfer of candidate information from the ATS back into the VMS, streamlining the other half of the candidate procurement process and “closing the loop.”

This change extends the benefits of the previous one-way integration. The change:

  • Improves data quality by reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • Improves speed of data entry.
  • Enables further automated reporting and analytics on integrated VMS and ATS data.

This change should have a strong positive impact on user experience for VMS Sync users, bolstered by the fact that VMS Sync already supports over 40 VMS solutions, including IQ Navigator, Fieldglass, and Beeline.

Bullhorn currently has a Customer Experience Score of 9.3 on SoftwareReviews.com.

Bullhorns user rating from SoftwareReviews.com, Accessed September 2019

Our Take

Two-way communication between two major business systems will be a significant user experience improvement. “Closed-loop” integration sets itself apart from one-way integrations by creating a mini ecosystem of seamless information transfer.

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