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Bullhorn Acquires Erecruiter

Bullhorn, a cloud-based staffing and recruiting solution provider, has acquired Erecruiter, an applicant tracking and pay and bill software company.

This acquisition represents the next step in Bullhorn's strategy to provide a single, end-to-end staffing solution intended to support businesses through digitizing their staffing functions. The acquisition follows the June release of Bullhorn One, Bullhorn's first end-to-end staffing offering. The additional capabilities brought in by Erecruiter are intended to enhance the "unified" user and candidate experience begun by Bullhorn One.

Art Papas, Bullhorn founder and CEO, commented on the acquisition: "Staffing firms face enormous pressures from investors, clients, candidates, and employees to digitize their businesses while simultaneously facing historically low unemployment. The timing has never been better for a unified team to address these challenges head-on for our customers” (via PE Hub).

Bullhorn's focus on user and candidate experience is well-positioned in the current trends of digitization and automation – and the corresponding growth in candidate and recruiter expectations. As more staffing solution providers are beginning to offer unified solutions that streamline the user experience across various areas of the business and multiple steps in the talent recruitment pipeline, the differentiator will come down to ease of use and quality of the implementation.

Bullhorn currently has a Customer Experience Score of 9.3 on SoftwareReviews.

Our Take

  • Bullhorn acquires Erecruiter to expand the capabilities of its unified staffing solution.
  • The acquisition is part of a continued strategy of staffing solution digitization and unification.
  • Bullhorn is not unique in its focus on a streamlined user experience, so the differentiation will come down to the quality of implementation.

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