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KeyedIn Announces Improved Support for Agile Portfolio Management

KeyedIn released version 7.0 of its flagship product, KeyedIn Projects, featuring support for the transition to an increasingly Agile-focused IT shop. Work is assigned to Agile teams when the individual assignment is impractical.

In a recent press release, KeyedIn’s Chief Product Officer, Matt Muldoon, said, “This new release not only marks a significant upgrade to the product’s resourcing, reporting and portfolio analysis capabilities, but it also cements KeyedIn Projects’ standing as the industry’s best solution for realizing the benefits of Agile Portfolio Management.”

We had the opportunity to talk with Muldoon and discuss KeyedIn’s views on the importance of determining viability at sprint end instead of project end when it’s too late. Decisions at the former stage should be about moving forward or ending the project. Muldoon also stressed that not all projects are going to be Agile, so this new offering still allows for Waterfall projects and the ability to run a methodology-agnostic portfolio. This should be good news for many organizations that want to take advantage of the benefits of Agile but lack the resource capacity to make the full switch.

Our Take

We asked Muldoon how this product can help organizations that are new to Agile get started. Despite affirming that “Agile is the way projects are going,” Muldoon has a refreshingly realistic view for the requirements of a product manager. We agree that Agile needs stakeholder and sponsor engagement. Without it, the popular concept of self-managing teams just doesn’t work.

Source: KeyedIn, Screenshot February 2020.

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