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Enterprise IT Shifting Focus to Resource Management, Data Shows

The results of a recent survey conducted by KeyedIn shows the approach many enterprise IT shops are taking to solve the widespread resource management issue – they’re creating resource management offices, or RMOs.

Until this recent trend, the responsibility to balance supply of resource capacity and project and operational demand had largely been in the hands of the PMO. PMOs have continually attempted to leverage their PPM suites as a mechanism to control supply and demand, with very little success.

The pressure is now on major PPM suite vendors like Microsoft, CA, and Innotas to adopt to these increasing demands for easy to use, functional, and most importantly, insightful resource management. Competing on features has taken them to a place where resource management features are incredibly complex. Failure to adopt could result in a new market of tool suites that prioritize insightful resource management over other project and portfolio features, potentially cannibalizing the market.

Our Take

  • Enterprise IT departments are creating RMOs as a result of PMOs’ failure to effectively balance supply and demand.
  • PPM suites have not effectively armed PMOs with the functionality and data they need to succeed with resource management.
  • A market opportunity exists for tool suites branded towards the RMO that prioritize insightful resource management over project governance.

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