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Atlassian’s Impending Acquisition of AgileCraft Brings Focus to Executive Needs Within the Agile Landscape

Atlassian is a top provider of software to support development work management (JIRA) and Agile project delivery (Portfolio). Its impending acquisition of AgileCraft will provide the means to address the gap of aligning executive strategy with the delivery of Agile software solutions.

According to Atlassian’s co-founder and co-CEO Scott Farquhar, there is a need to address the lack of executive visibility into team delivery and alignment with organizational goals:

"Many leaders are still making mission-critical decisions using their instincts and best guesses instead of data…technology leaders need better visibility into work performed by their teams. With AgileCraft joining Atlassian, we believe we’re the best company to help executives align the work across their organization – providing an all-encompassing view that connects strategy, work, and outcomes.”

IT Central Station declares that AgileCraft (whose customers currently include NCR and Equifax):

  • “Is the world's first scaled agile management platform.
  • Brings business and software development organizations together in one intuitive platform.
  • Aligns well with SAFe, Nexus, Less, or any other approach to scaling agile.
  • Allows everyone from the big-picture executive to the most detailed-oriented engineer to optimize software delivery and make better decisions.”

Our Take

Pros: With this new acquisition, Atlassian now provides a broader “one-stop-shop” approach to Agile software development and measurement of outcomes. This simplifies the need to identify and acquire additional software to meet growing reporting and analytics needs.

Cons: There is little to no information as to how this acquisition will impact licensing costs or integration with the current Atlassian suite of tools.

According to our research, Atlassian does not have the highest ratings for training and education for their software. It is unknown whether this trend will improve with the introduction of an additional software offering.

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