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Clarizen Go – A Card Wall by Another Name

Clarizen launched Clarizen Go in the last quarter of 2019. Intended to assist the transition to agile workflows, Clarizen Go claims to make creating and moving tasks during a project easier, while also improving visibility into the portfolio with Clarizen One integration.

But how does this look, exactly? Well, Clarizen Go joins many project management software vendors by offering a card-wall-type interface. This is nothing new. In fact, it’s old. Even Office 365 provides similar functionality with their Planner application.

To say this functionality enables agile organizations is a bit of a stretch. The one interesting part of this press release is the integration with Clarizen One. This has the potential to allow for project managers to feed the portfolio through current status reporting and allow leadership to make better decisions for the organization.

The bigger insight is that no one in this space will reinvent the wheel. Most commercial tools in the project management space have the same features. The real lynchpin is adoption! How are vendors making it easier for organizations to drive adoption? Without this, the financial and human capital investments to procure and deploy the tool are a total waste.

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Our Take

Whether your organization is running agile, waterfall, or hybrid methodologies for projects, one of the core jobs of the project manager is to feed the portfolio. When searching for a tool, keep this reporting functionality top of mind. The burden of administrative overhead has pushed many organizations towards agile; however, not all projects are good candidates for this methodology. Remember to tailor project processes to add the right amount of friction and institute a clear commitment from the project sponsor.

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