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SECURITI.ai Addresses the Privacy vs. AI Debacle With the Industry’s First AI-Powered Privacy Solution

AI-powered privacy is here to stay, driven by the innovative team at SECURITI.ai. The Silicon Valley–based company injects automation through AI with its PrivacyOps solution, PRIVACI.ai, taking the onerous effort out of mapping out personal data within its various repositories inside and outside of the business.

This automated software solution is rooted in the methodology of PrivacyOps, “a combination of philosophies, practices, cross-functional collaboration, automation, and orchestration that increases an organization’s ability to comply with a myriad of global privacy regulations reliably and with greater speed.” The result is a single platform that removes manual efforts while ensuring real-time compliance with complex, dynamic data privacy regulations.

PRIVACI.ai is powered by Auti, a robotic assistant for privacy compliance. Auti provides capabilities across data flow mapping, consent management, vendor assessments, and internal assessments.

One of the key features of the PRIVACI.ai solution is its unique People Data Graph. The graph employs bot technology to identify personal data and map it back to its owner, enabling better governance of privacy rights. This takes a significant amount of manual effort out of the process of mapping data subject access requests while also reducing the potential for human error during the complex process.

The vendor assessment feature automates the risk assessment portion for third parties through the completion of a customized vendor assessment report, along with the results and analytics derived from the collective vendor assessments. These analytics reports are then presented back to the business via a single dashboard, providing insight and oversight into the relative risk and compliance of companies with whom your organization may collaborate or share personal data. The PRIVACI.ai solution also automates internal assessments, consent management, and data mapping.

Source: SECURITI.ai Vendor Briefing, SECURITI.ai

Our Take

While the privacy management software space is still quite young, there have been significant changes and additions to the feature sets of key vendors in a short time. SECURITI.ai’s use of robotic automation through Auti as the method of facilitation for its privacy management features is an example of “outside the box” innovation within the software vendor space. Specifically, the automation of processes involved in the response to data subject access requests (DSARs) from intake to verification, system identification, stakeholder collaboration, report creation, safe sharing of data with the data subject requestor, and management of DSAR records for compliance purposes. The verification process specifically has become a core area of focus for many organizations, as uncertainty exists around how to determine the best method for validation without exposing additional personal data.

Through intelligent automation, SECURITI.ai’s solution removes the likelihood of human error in the data mapping and compliance tracking process. The company’s leadership team, with combined years of experience across well-known vendors in the data loss prevention (DLP) and cloud security space, has developed an informed and relevant solution that will reduce the workload and resourcing spend of organizations in scope for stringent privacy and data protection regulations.

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