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Proteus-Cyber Bridges the Gap Between Data Privacy and Threat Intelligence

Proteus-Cyber, a leading vendor within the privacy program management space, has recently added new standout features to its current privacy software offering. The Threat Intelligence feature tracks and links directly to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) discovered daily and can be integrated within the IT asset register of current Proteus-Cyber NextGen Data Privacy users.

This useful new feature bridges the gap between privacy processes and supporting controls and the potential cybersecurity threats that pose a significant barrier to ensuring data is adequately protected. The feature is available for free as a part of the vendor’s public website. The true benefit of the feature is the ability that current Proteus-Cyber users will have to directly identify which incumbent threats may leave them vulnerable based on their systems and current patching cadence. Users can sort through CVEs based on type, company, and application, and much like the vendor’s Privacy News Tracking feature, new updates and relevant threats are constantly added.

In addition to this feature, Proteus-Cyber has also segmented its privacy program management software into Express and Enterprise formats. The former intended for organizations that choose to focus on immediate resolution of potential points of exposure from a privacy perspective, while the latter benefits organizations choosing to take a proactive and comprehensive approach to privacy program management.

Source: Proteus-Cyber Vendor Briefing, Proteus-Cyber

Our Take

The complex world of data privacy is heavily linked to the cybersecurity realm, although discord often exists between the two owning parties. While privacy management is process oriented, an effective data privacy program necessitates robust supporting technical security controls. After all, a data privacy program intends to safeguard an organization’s sensitive personal data, a feat that involves protection from external as well as internal breaches.

Proteus-Cyber’s Threat Intelligence integration identifies a gap that exists in connecting data privacy to its supporting security controls. IT leaders seeking a more comprehensive look into their data privacy program as well as the ability to identify threats that may expose the organization to data privacy harm should evaluate NextGen Data Privacy, as the software solution moves beyond a “tick-box” approach to privacy management. Organizations that effectively integrate security controls to address gaps in data privacy to protect from real-world vulnerabilities are those well poised to move beyond compliance and effectively safeguard sensitive personal data from potential breach.

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