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CognitiveScale Named One of the 50 Smartest Companies of 2019 by The Silicon Review

CognitiveScale has been named one of the 50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2019 by The Silicon Review, an online and print community for business and technology professionals. The recognition is for “transforming customer engagement and lifetime value with Artificial Intelligence.”

Specifically, it is the company’s product Cortex Certifai that has placed it among the winners, as well as Cortex Fabric and solutions such as Cortex Amplify AI, Cortex Engage AI, and Cortex Protect AI.

Cortex Certifai, which we covered when it was in beta, helps organizations identify, quantify, and manage risks in AI applications, including explainability, bias/fairness, robustness, data risks, and noncompliance. And it does these all without in-depth technical knowledge of AI and machine learning (ML). This industry-first product recently won the Responsible AI and Ethics award in the Global AI Awards 2019-2020.

Cortex Fabric is defined on the company’s website as a “visual unified programming and operating environment” which “automates composition, orchestration and delivery of intelligent, personalized and explainable predictions, processes, and applications with built-in visibility and control for implementing trust as a service in your AI platform and cloud of choice.”

Image: Cortex Fabric

Cortex Amplify AI family of cognitive processes “pair[s] people and machines to collectively interpret fast-changing data and business conditions in real-time […] to boost employee expertise and operational productivity through machine accumulated insights.”

Cortex Engage AI is made of accelerators and frameworks that provide recommendations and reasons for those and that can be plugged into applications through an API or used to escalate automated process to human attention.

Our Take

We congratulate CognitiveScale on another award and wish the company continued success with this much-needed suite of products and services.

Want to Know More?

If you would like to learn more about ethical, trustworthy, and responsible AI, consult our blueprint Mitigate Machine Bias.

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