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SumTotal Release 19.2 Features Innovative Artificial-Intelligence Powered Tool

SumTotal 19.2 is its second release of 2019 and solidifies its focus on creating an end-to-end talent development solution. Its new SumTotal Intelligent Assistant (SIA) is the highlight of the update, providing users the ability to translate web searches and internet content into relevant training content within the SumTotal LMS.

This update improves experience and functionality for administrators, managers, and learners. The main features and improvements are:

SumTotal Intelligent Assistant (SIA) By using a browser plug-in, users can highlight text found on the web and then SIA finds relevant training to that topic within the organization’s SumTotal Learning Management. From there, content is accessed either immediately in an adjacent minimized window or in the LMS system. SIA uses artificial intelligence to recommend training and track all learning data in the LMS.

Universal Content Support edX, a MOOC (massive open online courses) platform, is now on the list of integration partners so learners can seamless access edX content within the SumTotal LMS. SumTotal also increased its collection of REST APIs, including xAPI and CMI5, for easier third-party content integration.

Mobile Features SumTotal’s Workforce Management solution is now available on the mobile app, meaning that accruals, web clock mapping, and producing reports can be done in-app. It also increased the gamification elements to create a better user experience. These gamification features are integrated into the reporting and analytics functionality to help administrators understand content usage, identify high-performing users, and track gamification.

Talent Acquisition The SumTotal Talent Acquisition solution has improved workflow configuration, tools for personalized communication templates, and third-party agency functionality. These updates reduce the load of administrative tasks on recruiters.

Source: SumTotal at SoftwareReviews: Accessed August 19, 2019

Our Take

The mobile features and improvements to talent acquisition are not particularly noteworthy as they are what every LMS is looking to improve. The real innovation in this release is in its SIA. It is able to provide access to LMS content in the moment when learners are seeking information. With all this data being tracked within the LMS, not only are more learning moments being tracked but also gaps and areas of interest are more easily identified.

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