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Develop ServiceNow Customizations a Little More Easily With a Visual Studio Code Extension

ServiceNow promises to make in-house ServiceNow development a little easier by directly integrating with Microsoft’s popular Visual Studio Code editor. The release:

  • Allows developers to work offline and sync versions once they reconnect to their instance, with a different tool to highlight version differences.
  • Supports development work on different types of ServiceNow applications, including packages, custom apps, stored apps, and plugins.
  • Provides access to useful features such as linting, IntelliSense (Microsoft’s code-completion aid), and more.

In the current version of the extension (1.0.0), new projects must be created in ServiceNow before they can be accessed in Visual Studio Code.

ServiceNow is a mature but complex tool that typically requires customization to deliver the value that the business and IT expect to realize. Failing to properly customize the tool can lead to dissatisfaction with the installation. Client sentiment towards ServiceNow, as outlined in SoftwareReviews.com’s Emotional Footprint report, shows ServiceNow ITSM lagging relative to its peers in the IT Service Management category.

Source: IT Service Management at SoftwareReviews, Accessed December 30, 2019

Our Take

Microsoft and ServiceNow’s strategic partnership turned one last fall. This latest output of their partnership is a handy feature add; development teams already using Visual Studio Code will likely find it easier to work on projects directly from the editor and should evaluate this extension for use.

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