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Symphony SummitAI’s Latest Release Incorporates More AI Functionality to Enhance Service Management

Symphony SummitAI announced the general availability of Sierra, the latest version of its AI-based service management tool. New features include:

  • AI-driven knowledge management. Sierra introduces an updated self-service experience with conversational search based on natural language processing (NLP).
  • Intelligent digital agent. Symphony SummitAI’s digital agent, CINDE, now has agent transfer, self-help articles for end users, and enhanced spell-checking capabilities for conversation. The updated release can also transfer the conversation to a live agent if needed.
  • Asset cost and capacity analytics. A new IT asset dashboard supports hardware and software asset management with utilization and cost analytics.

SummitAI’s latest release and its benefits to service management. Source: Symphony SummitAI

Our Take

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being leveraged by IT service management solutions, with the next generation of tools leveraging machine reasoning and automation to improve service quality and reduce cost. However, the need for this technology depends on how it will help organizations meet their business goals.

Symphony SummitAI’s latest release with its enhanced AI capabilities will help it keep up with emerging trends in the ITSM market and support the shift-left strategy to enable more automated and end-user resolved tickets. Nonetheless, the need for strong processes and people doesn’t diminish with a good tool; ensure you have the skills and workflows in place to support AI-based automation for it to succeed.

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