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SaaS Management Tools Grow in Popularity With Zylo Leading the Way

Enterprise SaaS Management platform Zylo recently raised $22.5 million in Series B funding to grow its workforce and development, making it a strong leader in this emerging space.

Software as a Service (SaaS) management tools are growing in popularity as more and more organizations move to the cloud. These tools provide visibility into all SaaS applications being used across the organization, to help improve workflows, security, user provisioning, and license utilization. According to Zylo co-founder and CEO Eric Christopher, “Today, enterprises spend an average of $10,000 or more per employee on SaaS, making the stakes higher than ever for CIOs to optimize their investments and give employees tools that maximize productivity.”

Zylo provides a central system of record to discover, manage, and optimize SaaS applications. This includes the ability to identify and unify redundant functions and applications, centrally monitor license and data utilization, automatically deprovision inactive licenses, inform renewal negotiations, and provide an approved app catalog. This latest round of funding will enable Zylo to continue to grow its workforce and deliver on its product roadmap.

Our Take

As organizations’ SaaS portfolios grow, so too does the need for a centralized system of record that allows IT managers to discover, manage, measure, and optimize their SaaS solutions. Many ITAM solutions don’t yet have pre-built SaaS management functionality, so organizations that are heavily cloud-based should consider investing in a SaaS management tool to avoid being overlicensed and overspending on their SaaS subscriptions. With Zylo’s latest round of funding and growing enterprise client base, they are well-positioned to provide the visibility these organizations need and continue to lead the SaaS management space.

As always though, a new tool alone is not enough to solve your problems; ensure your asset management and configuration management processes are up to date first to deliver value from the tool. Download Info-Tech’s blueprint Find the Value – and Remain Valuable – With Cloud Asset Management for help building your cloud asset management practice.

Read Zylo’s press release here.

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