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Small Enterprise SituAction: A CIO Assesses the Structure of the IT Team

Good IT leaders are supported by great IT teams. Take the opportunity to reassess the makeup and capabilities of the team.

Situation: An Info-Tech member recently joined a new organization. He is excited about the opportunity because his previous employer had a very operational view of IT. Finally, he has a role as a CIO with a seat at the executive table. One of his first goals is to assess the capabilities and makeup of his new IT team.

Complication: His new C-level colleagues are very excited about the potential strategic value of IT and are keen to work with the new CIO. Unfortunately, the IT department isn’t in great shape due to a curious mixture of underinvestment and strategically important things and a pattern of chronic overspend on core infrastructure. The new CIO has to assess his new department.

One of his first goals is to get a handle on the capabilities of his new team.


Bottom Line

Info-Tech’s blueprints and tools are valuable starting points for getting IT leaders up to speed quickly with their strategic-staffing responsibilities.

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