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Avatier Releases AI Chatbot to Automate Common IAM Helpdesk Requests

Avatier, a vendor in the identity and access management (IAM) space, has developed an innovative solution for automating mundane identity and access management tasks: a chatbot called Apollo.

Apollo is powered by narrow-band artificial intelligence (AI), also known as artificial narrow intelligence (ANI). This type of AI includes programs that solve tasks by following a set of predefined rules. Almost all instances of AI being used today are examples of ANI.

In the case of Apollo, the ANI chatbot is being used to automate common tasks related to identity and access management, such as handling requests for password changes or additional access. As long as the task continues to meet the predefined requirements set by an administrator during Apollo’s implementation, the chatbot will be able to resolve the issue. In situations when it cannot resolve the issue, the request can be escalated to the helpdesk.

Source: Avatier Apollo

The chatbot can be integrated into existing communication platforms, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Messenger, without the need to install additional software.

Our Take

Apollo is a great example of how ANI can enable simple task automation that ultimately frees up IT staff to tackle more pressing things. IT can use metrics from Apollo and helpdesk software to show the effect of AI technology on capacity and process.

One word of caution regarding chatbots is to consider the psychological component experienced by the user. In other words, how would your employees take to a solution like this? Would they resist it, preferring to work with a human being, and consequently find a workaround (e.g. calling helpdesk directly when they have an issue)? While many users may have no issue using new technology like this, it will be up to the organization to consider how it will handle the users who may struggle with using a chatbot to solve their problems.

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