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Galvanize’s GRC Products Continue to Deliver

Since its acquisition of Rsam in 2019, the newly formed Galvanize (formerly ACL) has maintained its high-quality delivery of cloud-based security, risk management, compliance, and audit software. Recognized as a winner of the 2020 Canada’s Best Managed Companies awards program for the second consecutive year, Galvanize’s comprehensive product offerings have not gone unnoticed.

Galvanize leverages the end-to-end HighBond platform, supported by ACL robotics and Rsam technology, to deliver targeted cross-discipline solutions in areas such as compliance, audit, fraud, internal controls, incident management, policies, and vendor management. Organizations that use Galvanize benefit from the company’s highly functional, integrated cross-platform, as well as the extensive resources, such as frameworks, prebuilt analysis scripts, and training modules, that the company has archived over time through its growth.

Our Take

Mergers and acquisitions in the tech software industry are often met with significant barriers in the first year, beyond the expected awkward mechanics of melding two separate companies into one. Galvanize has proven successful in its ability to extract and maintain the most functional elements of both supporting companies, in ACL’s leading-edge robotics and Rsam’s expertise in IT, vendor, and security risk management. Each of the individual products within the HighBond platform deliver tactical solutions in isolation, and together they provide a cohesive overview of the organization’s overall GRC landscape. After a successful first year that includes external accolades for its management capabilities, Galvanize will be a player to watch within the GRC software space.

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