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Infor Lands Massive PLM Partnership in the Fashion World

Infor secured a multimillion-dollar product lifecycle management (PLM) deal with European fashion retailer LC Waikiki.

  • Infor is one of the top five largest global ERP vendors. Infor has multiple PLM solutions that integrate with its ERP offerings.
  • LC Waikiki is an international fashion retail and design house with stores across Europe and Asia.
  • The retailer was looking for a solution to manage complex BOMs (bills of materials) that would scale alongside their growing international sales.
  • LC Waikiki opted for Infor’s cloud PLM solution, which focused specifically on the fashion industry.
  • Infor developed this vertical-specific solution with its internal design team, Hook & Loop.

Source: SoftwareReviews Infor PLM Product Scorecard, Accessed August 21, 2019.

Our Take

LC Waikiki’s move to adopt Infor’s fashion-centric PLM makes for a great case study on whether or not to buy vertical-specific PLM solutions. Historically, organizations seek vertical-specific solutions to get enhanced out-of-the-box functionality. However, it has often been suggested that vertical-specific solutions should be avoided on the grounds of poor vendor viability and limited interoperability with existing systems.

In this case, I feel that LC Waikiki made a sound choice. It was already using elements of Infor’s SaaS ERP solution, reducing the risk of integration issues, and since Infor is one of the largest players in both ERP and PLM markets, long-term vendor viability is not a concern.

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