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Outsourcing Mobility Management? Google Shortlisted Android MSPs for You

Google expanded its Android Enterprise Recommended program to include 15 managed service providers across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. This should improve Android device traction in the enterprise.

The program already includes Android devices and enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions that meet certain requirements. For MSPs, these requirements are:

  • 80% of sales and technical sales have Android training.
  • A minimum number of Android Architecture and Implementation Experts (AIX) and Support Engineers (ASE).
  • The MSP already has successful Android deployments.
  • The AIX and ASE are trained on and have experience with at least one Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solution.

Our Take

This program is greater proof, though, that Android devices are viable for medium and large enterprises. Android does not have as strong of a reputation in enterprises vis-à-vis Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The Android Enterprise Recommended program attempts to improve this reputation. It can also provide you with a starting point for Android Device, EMM, and now MSP shortlists.

This program might make it harder for new MSPs in the space. One of the requirements is successful deployments – a new MSP will have to find ways around the lack of accreditation. Perhaps they will do so by lowering their costs. Remember that just because an MSP isn’t on this list, doesn’t mean that it is incompetent with managing Android devices. The MSP could be new or in the process of getting all its Android credentials.

Want to Know More?

Review our blueprint Outsource Systems Management to Improve Capabilities and Reduce Costs to learn more about outsourcing to an MSP.

Our Service Desk Outsourcing Strategy Template provides a helpful overview for when you’re outsourcing anything related to end-user support.

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