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OpenText and SAP Team Up to Smooth the Information Experience

Business users want their information easily and quickly, regardless of whether it is structured data or unstructured content. OpenText’s announcement of content services delivered through SAP Cloud Platform, and other SAP solutions, aims to address the need to manage both kinds of information seamlessly across business applications and processes.

Planned for Q4 2019, OpenText content services for SAP Cloud Platform will provide a centralized content repository and advanced content capabilities across SAP applications such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP C/4HANA Cloud, and SAP SuccessFactors, making it easier for business users to find ever-growing volumes of content.

Source: OpenText ECM at SoftwareReviews

The alignment of OpenText’s powerful Digital Content platform with SAP’s new Digital Core means businesses can digitize key processes and connect them to the content and data that inform them.

Our Take

As users demand a more unified and intuitive experience with growing volumes of information, the OpenText partnership with SAP will help to interconnect business processes and define new ways to work.

In this integrated business model, it is essential to build an overall enterprise content management (ECM) strategy that connects content, systems, business processes, and users within a framework of best practices and business goals.

Digital information needs to be findable, reliable, protected, and available anywhere on any device. An ECM strategy can assist in understanding the business systems that will be affected and reduce information complexity and cost.

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