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Dropbox Dives Into Automation With K2

K2 Software, a major player in the business process management (BPM) space, has collaborated with Dropbox, a trailblazer in cloud storage and collaboration solutions.

  • The goal of the partnership for K2 is to streamline how business groups using different systems manage information together.
  • K2 also intends to grow its presence in the electronic content management (ECM) space by leveraging the well-known Dropbox brand.
  • Vice President of Strategic Alliances at K2 Eyal Inbar stated, “By partnering with Dropbox, we can deliver a deep level of granular data in one central repository to drive transparency across the organization. Together, we have the opportunity to fundamentally change how users discover, share, and collaborate to make powerful business decisions to drive impactful customer experiences.”

Source: K2 BPM at SoftwareReviews, Accessed July 22, 2019

Our Take

Historically speaking, this partnership is unprecedented for both cloud storage and collaboration vendors. For example, both Google Drive and Box have not established official partnerships with BPM vendors. The Dropbox-K2 partnership is mutually beneficial; however, K2 will see the most benefits. While K2 is a large player in the BPM space, it has lower brand recognition than Dropbox across most industries. Working with the Drobox team will drive a collaboration-focused customers towards the K2 BPM solution.

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