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Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Becomes Veeam’s Fastest-Growing Product

Veeam announced Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Version 3 on April 2, 2019. Office 365 has been a top cloud migration project for many and is the logical place for backup providers to extend cloud functionality.

The new release promises faster backup as well as better visibility and analytics with O365 data protection reports. By default, Microsoft only keeps its backups for 14 days, which has prompted many organizations to look for a third-party backup vendor to protect their data.

The popularity of Microsoft O365 is undeniable. While the platform enables users with its productivity tools, the pressure to protect the data within the environment is greater than ever before. Veeam backup for O365 has been downloaded by 55,000 organizations. The solution has seen 549% growth year over year and is now the fastest-growing Veeam product. The enhancements to V3 include:

  • Up to 30x faster backup for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
  • Support for multi-factor authentication
  • O365 data protection reports that can help identify unprotected mailboxes, manage licenses, and monitor storage use

The product is available in a one-to-five-year annual subscription. Organizations have the option to be billed annually or as a one-time cost up front.

Our Take

Corporate O365 migration without a corresponding backup strategy could open a big hole in your data protection safety net. Third-party O365 backup solutions are beneficial for the following:

  • Role-based access and auditing: Even with O365 litigation hold as a solution for long-term retention, there can be a conflict with separation of roles. The administrator has the ability to assign themselves eDiscovery Manger rights and have full access to search and export data.
  • Offline copy of the data: In case O365 has an outage, an O365 backup solution will allow you to have your own copy of the data.
  • Point-in-time restoration of data: It is not within the scope of O365 to backup your applications to a requested point in time, an O365 backup solution will fill this gap.

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