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eClinicalWorks EHR to Be Implemented Across Hundreds of Clinics

eClinical works has secured an electronic healthcare record (EHR) licensing agreement with Advocare, a provider network that specializes in pediatricians and family practice doctors.

  • The new EHR platform is expected to service 200 separate practices that manage a total of 590,000 patients across the northeastern United States. eClinicalWorks is also headquartered in the region.
  • The goal of the new EHR implementation is to leverage eClinicalWorks’ patient self-service capabilities such as mobile-responsive portals, online scheduling, multi-channel appointment reminders, and the ability to remotely view one’s own medical record.
  • eClinicalWorks will be replacing a legacy platform that was largely developed in-house by Advocare.

Source: eClinicalWorks at SoftwareReviews, Accessed October 29, 2019

Our Take

Advocare’s decision to opt for an EHR vendor that will provide self-service capabilities for patients is in-line with market trends. Historically, individual units within clinics developed their own tools to manage their unique healthcare domains. The disparate environment led to demand for a cohesive EHR platform. However, healthcare institutions rarely had the resources to build their own integrated EHR platforms.

Larger healthcare networks like Advocare stepped in and developed EHR platforms, leveraged by all of the member institutions. These in-house developed platforms provided by healthcare networks over the past two decades are now showing their age due to lack of IoT connectivity and patient self-service capabilities.

As demonstrated with the Advocare’s transition to eClinicalWorks, the healthcare networks are turning to COTS EHR solutions to take over responsibility for developing applications that enable information to be shared across different healthcare units while also keeping up with the demands of patients and equipment.

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