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TietoEVRY to Use Ayehu for SAP Automation

TietoEVRY is using Ayehu NG to automate activities in applications such as SAP. SAP automation has great potential to free up resources in applications teams.

Finland-headquartered IT services company TietoEVRY has announced a partnership with IT automation vendor Ayehu. The potential for automation on the applications side was a key factor in this decision.

“Other MSPs we have partnered with have focused primarily on the infrastructure aspects of IT. We hope to expand more into application-oriented IT process automation, such as SAP maintenance, which is a big part of what Tieto does for its end users,” said Ido Sarig, Ayehu’s Head of Global Marketing, in a briefing with Info-Tech Research Group.

Source: TietoEVRY

Our Take

Many of Info-Tech’s members’ applications teams spend a lot of time on support, including for SAP. Automation for SAP support has a great potential to free up valuable IT resources, reducing the time staff spend on manual repetitive work so they can focus their efforts on projects that deliver additional business value.

If TietoEVRY’s expansion of Ayehu’s IT automation into SAP and other applications proves successful, more than its own customers stand to gain.

Ayehu’s other customers who use SAP should also benefit, and Ayehu will be able to tout its application automation capabilities as a differentiator from other automation tools.

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