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Ansible Automation Platform Streamlines Automation Management

Red Hat Ansible Automation’s latest features enable organizations to better manage and leverage existing automation playbooks, plug-ins, and modules as the depth and breadth of automation continues to expand.

Specifically, this release includes the following features:

  • Content Collections support the reuse of Ansible Automation code by making it easier to organize and share modules, plugins, and playbooks.
  • Automation Hub provides a portal to supported Ansible Content Collections provided by Red Hat and certified partners.
  • Automation Analytics enables organizations to monitor and assess Ansible Automation deployments through a visual dashboard. For example, users can identify the most used modules and deployment pass/fail rates.

This latest release has been branded as the Ansible Automation Platform, which includes integrations with Red Hat Ansible Tower, Ansible Engine, and Network Automation.

Red Hat Ansible Automation has received strong customer reviews on the Info-Tech SoftwareReviews site.

Source: Red Hat Ansible Automation at SoftwareReviews, Report Published January 2019.

Our Take

These improvements from Red Hat support more mature IT organizations that are moving beyond “we need to automate” to “we need automate our automation” or at the very least trying to improve efficiencies.

Overall, Ansible Automation provides a broad range of features to support automation regardless of current maturity. Customer satisfaction with the feature set is very good, based on feedback via Info-Tech’s SoftwareReviews platform:

  • 79% satisfaction with the quality of features
  • 81% satisfaction with the breadth of features

Customers are also highly satisfied with ease of use:

  • 79% satisfaction with usability and intuitiveness
  • 83% satisfaction with ease of IT administration

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