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Overview: TeleMessage’s Mobile Archiving Solution

On February 12, 2020, CEO Guy Levit of TeleMessage presented to Info-Tech its Mobile Archiving solution. As one of the only sophisticated solutions of its kind on the market, Info-Tech members with a need to archive mobile communications (especially WhatsApp messages and calls) should take an interest in TeleMessage’s offering.

Key capabilities of TeleMessage’s Mobile Archiving solutions include:

  • WhatsApp chats and calls archiving for iOS and Android phones, plus web and desktop WhatsApp.
  • Text messages (SMS), MMS, and calls without apps (Network Archiving) and with apps (Enterprise Number Archiver and Android Archiver).
  • Supports corporate as well as employee BYOD devices.
  • Integration with leading email archiving and compliance vendors.

With 20 years to its name, TeleMessage offers carrier-grade services delivering billions of messages per year. It serves Tier1 Telcos, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. TeleMessage also offers high-volume messaging across text, voice, fax, and email, alongside secure enterprise messaging.

Source: Guy Levit, TeleMessage. Accessed February 12, 2020

Our Take

Any Info-Tech member within financial, healthcare, government, and energy services will know that message archiving is often a legal requirement – especially in the USA. There is a clear need to allow employees to communicate over mobile devices and the benefits of customer interaction through modern communication channels such as WhatsApp offer innovative new opportunities. TeleMessage offers a robust and comprehensive solution to this mammoth task and Info-Tech members would do well to explore how TeleMessage could work for them.

Of course, the marketspace in which TeleMessage operates is still evolving and largely under-served. As Levit pointed out, only one or two other options exist in the mobile archiving market (especially with regards to WhatsApp archiving). Therefore, buyers should be aware that this is still an immature market that has not yet established firm competition or industry-wide standards. Innovators in mobile communication transformation can offer an outstanding differentiation over competitors.

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