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SugarCRM Acquires Collabspot to Tighten Email Integration Capabilities

SugarCRM, a popular contender in mid-market Customer Relationship Management (CRM), recently announced it will be acquiring Singapore-based email and calendar integrations product Collabspot. This is a savvy direction for SugarCRM, allowing its solutions to better integrate with email providers such as Microsoft and Google.

Collabspot focuses on integrating email providers (particularly Gmail) with CRM products to reduce manual data entry and intake from the inbox to the customer record. This aids in building a unified, 360-degree view of the customer.

SugarCRM provides robust CRM solutions. While it’s not as broadly known as larger competitors such as Salesforce, SugarCRM does provide a compelling offering for mid-market organizations looking for strong out-of-the-box capabilities for marketing, sales, and customer service enablement.

Source: Software Reviews: SugarCRM, Report Published March 2018

Info-Tech’s members frequently highlight the product’s flexibility with customizations and its attractive price point as another point of competitive advantage. While SugarCRM’s footprint is smaller than many incumbents, it’s a popular “third way” alternative in many vendor shortlists.

This is a savvy partnership for both firms. By strengthening the ease with which its clients can ingest data from their inboxes into their CRM environment, SugarCRM will be able to position an even more compelling product offering (particularly for those organizations that don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to email/CRM integration points). Reducing the time it takes to enter data by automatically logging communications into the CRM is also a win from a user adoption standpoint – it reduces the pain of manual data entry for end users.

Our Take

  • SugarCRM is a strong player in the CRM market space, particularly for mid-market organizations that want strong out-of-the-box capabilities at an affordable price point.
  • Sugar’s acquisition of Collabspot (an email integration solution for CRM) is a smart move that bolsters the former’s ability to create a 360-degree customer view based on email communications.

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