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Anzo Enables Data Management and Analytics Across Structured and Unstructured Data

Cambridge Semantics enhanced its Anzo platform to enable data management and analytics over both structured and unstructured data, the firm announced in an August 22 press release.

Source: Cambridge Semantics

(Permission to use image given by John L. Rueter, VP Marketing, Cambridge Semantics, on Oct 21, 2019.)

What Is So Special About It?

You can organize all the information that you have and run analytics across structured and unstructured data. Up until now, unstructured data had been analyzed either via “human reading” or natural language processing (NLP)-based analytics – separately from the structured data analysis.

How Is It Made Possible?

Anzo uses the knowledge graph data model to organize results of parsing the unstructured data. The same knowledge graph is used to organize the structured data. The technology makes it possible to run queries across both domains through a single starting point – the graph.

Our Take

You can now uncover the hidden treasures from unstructured data that could provide better contextualization for, explanation of, and insight into the results derived from structured data analytics.

Making unstructured data available for machine learning and artificial intelligence would qualitatively improve your business solutions.

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